RotaBang: award winning design CAD of RotaBang

Award winning bird-scaring device for farmers

RotaBang was designed to overcome the limitations of the conventional crop-scarer that only fires in one direction, protecting one static area. Birds soon become wise to this area and will plunder seed from another quarter of your field. RotaBang is a dynamic solution to this problem and protects your crops from marauding birds with its multi-angle gun. It also has several other ingenious features.

Discussions between a Norwich-based farmer and a gamekeeper led to the idea of altering the direction of the gun between bangs. Because the gun fires in random directions it stops habitual behaviour being formed by birds.

A prototype has been running for over three months now (April - June 2009) with great results.

The RotaBang proves the theory that the best ideas are simple ones.

Production RotaBang

Prototype RotaBang in the field
Prototype RotaBang being towed by tractor Prototype RotaBang